Mobile Phones, they are everywhere now and very much a part of just about everyone’s lives.

But what do we do when we break our phone?
For some, it can be the ultimate disaster. Others, well they just know that it’s going to hurt the hip pocket to get it fixed and where do you get it fixed out here in the bush?
Well, here at JCH Computers in Charleville, and our prices are very competitive, even compared to city repairers.

We fix iPhone’s, Samsung’s, HTC’s, ZTE’s, Google’s, and Sony’s etc on-site, and carry a good stock of Screens and Spare Parts.ipad_mini_ret

We also have in stock, screens and parts for other phone brands as well.

There are too many brands and sizes to keep all of them here, but we can get most parts within one to two days if they are available at all.

Because of the relatively low volume and the huge variety of models each brand produce’s we are not always equipped to service them all. We do however have a number of excellent and very efficient service agents on hand to send these phones too if needed.

So no matter what it is, if you Break it, We’ll Fix it. (iPad, iPhone Samsung Tablet, etc.). Give us a call or bring it in, so we can advise the best course of action for you.


Mobile Phone Repairs — 4 Comments

  1. Hi..
    Just a quick message to see if you had or could get a flash light button for the telstra t84.. its the button on top of the phone



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