Web-Site building is often looked at as a scary or monumental task.
However, it does not have to be either of those things.


Yes, we do have a lot of Pre-installed Free Website Building Programs in our hosting packages. Making it really easy for you to get started, and you can uninstall any of them and try again with another if you wish. (See below for a sample)



Your first steps to building a Great website are;

  1. *TIP…  Never look at it as though it’s a big job and how you have to come up with a whole lot of content.
    For example, the first page should be a contact page. Who, what and where.
    Take it, Just one step at a time, one page at a time. Anything you do at the start can be altered, updated, or replaced, Easily. If you start down one path and later find it’s going the wrong way for you, it doesn’t have to be a big issue. Nowadays it is pretty much possible to do anything imaginable on a website. Seek advice from people in the know. (Not your 83-year-old grandmother. Lol.)
  2. Choose a domain name.
    – Usually very similar to your business or your activities name.
    – Always keep it as short as possible. Abbreviations are fine.
    – Do you want a “.com.au” or “.com” or maybe something like a “.org.au”? There are many options to suit you and your operation. Check here for a list and explanations. You can register as many or as few Domains as you want.
  3. Decide what sort of web site you want to have. For example;
    – Do you want to sell things?
    – A Forum or a Blog for discussions of some description.
    – An Information and/or contact site for your business.
    – Surveys.
    – Educational.
    – Music.
    – Videos.
    – Classifieds Adds.
    – Calendars.
    – and so on.
  4. Now you have decided on the above options, you are ready to decide on your hosting package and your hosting provider.
    – To make this sort of thing simple for you, JCH Computers has a complete Control Panel, an All In One Management console. This Services control manager will walk you through the Domain Name registration process and your Hosting package options. You can start and Register here, or we can do it for you.
    – If any of this is confusing in any way to you, you can come and see us or contact us with any questions you may have.
  5. There is a number of ways to go about building a new website.
    – You can hire someone else to do it and Maintain it for you (A lot of businesses prefer this option).
    – You could buy a software package that will help you build your website on your computer, and then upload it to your hosting package.
    – You can purchase one of our hosting packages that include a huge variety FREE website building programs (More Details below) that are then very simply saved, and upload to your website location/Domain, with the click of a mouse.
    – A 4th Option is to have your site built for you (to get you started), in a package that is so simple to use, you can then take it over and start editing and adding new pages yourself, any time you want.
    ** This Option is great for a lot of people, especially those that want or need to keep their site fresh with new information or pricing updates etc. Training is available if required.


All of these services, JCH Computers is able to offer you.
So if you need your website up and running, or your old site needs a revamp and upgrade, have a talk with us so we can put together a plan of attack and get you going with the minimal fuss or bother.



Some Examples of available Free Pre-Installed website programs.
(Hundreds of them).

The most popular free programs

The most popular FREE programs


The Categories of FREE programs